Tuesday, 31 July 2007

You know you're a parent when...

Tony doesn't really bother to set his alarm to wake up in the morning. That's what we have Sacha for.  To wake us up at the crack of 6:00 am each and every day.

This morning, however, he let us sleep in.  Until 7:18 am!  We were so ecstatic!  Sleeping in!  The sad part is that 7:18 is not sleeping in by anyone's standards.  Except ours.

What does sleeping in mean to you?  I pray for your sake that it is not 7:18 am.


  1. Unfortunately, I only have you beat by about 20 minutes. Katelyn wakes up around 7am everyday... at the most, she will sleep until 7:30....rarely!

  2. oh yeah, 7.18am is a wonderful lie in!

  3. I agree. This morning our little alarm clock awoke at 5:45. Usually it's a little later. Like 6:00. Anything after 6:30 qualifies as a late morning around here!

  4. if they sleep past 6:30am I'm golden...we usually get up between 6-7am.

  5. 7 am is sleeping in here in these parts.


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