Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Original Corruptors Membership Drive

Hello, my name is Sarah, and I am addicted to facebook.

It started as a simple way to establish an alumni/reunion group for my high school grad class.  Originally, I knew very few people that were on facebook. But that changed.  I added friends and friends, all people I grew up with, went to school with, had crushes on, worked with, lived with.  Friends began finding me, and the list grew.  My inbox was flooded with "So-and-so has tagged you in a photo on facebook," "Whatsherpickle has written on your wall," and "whatshisface has sent you a message" and I squealed like a piglet each time. I even created a group. Or two.  And had myself named as an officer of a few groups, with a title and everything (I am Queen of Grad, Dr Winston Wing DDS and Mme Randall). Most of my FB time is spent perusing through photos and videos of my friends' children (those friends who haven't yet discovered the wonders of the blogospere or of their own websites).

In all this hoopla, T began referring to himself as the facebook widower.

Then I convinced him to join.  Hence began the Corruption.

I have, since then, personally enlisted the following people to join facebook. And then they told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on:

  1. Tony

  2. Stephanie (who wrote a hilarious post about the idiocy of facebook here)

  3. Jason

  4. Talia

  5. Kaloni

  6. Steve - a former facebook widower

  7. Desirae

  8. Brad

  9. Julie

  10. Christine

  11. Dustin - a former facebook widower

  12. Ryan

  13. Jocelyn

  14. Lynn

  15. Amyee

  16. Charlene

  17. Abbi

  18. Jennifer

Jennifer went so far as to name me as one of the Original Corruptors, aka the O.C.  Now that I've reviewed my list of suckers recruits (which I think is incomplete at best), I quite like the title.  Maybe I'll start a group for Erika, Bon and I.  Maybe with some sort of bling for my blog to let the world know about the Corruption.

What about YOU? How many of you have pressed your friends to get on board with facebook?  Or blogging?  Or any other internet addiction laced with a healthy dose of crack?  Or maybe knitting...I think you know who I'm talking about!


  1. i could definitely use a group. do you offer cheezewhiz at the meetingz? 'cause i'd like that. and it's probably healthier than facebook.


  2. I think you need some sidebar bling promoting your O.C. status...too bad I'm clueless at button making!

  3. Why, Sarah I'm sure I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about...

    But if you figure out a way to make some sweet button bling, I will wear the badge of O.C. proudly.

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