Tuesday, 24 July 2007

It's not easy to be me

I think that I have a slight problem.  Please review the following and advise.

  1. My clothes hanging in the closet MUST be arranged in the following order: red, orange, pink, yellow, green, blue, white, brown, black.  Any clothes with more than one colour are ordered according to their dominant colour.

  2. My bed must be made daily, even if this means making it at 10:00 pm and going to bed at 10:01 pm.

  3. My morning  shower is followed by pill-taking and teeth-brushing, come hell of screaming child.  Afterward,  preening and fixing of hair takes place in my skivies.

  4. Glasses are to be organized in the cupboard by height, width, and only stacked if absolutely necessary.  So help me if I look in the cupboard and see stacked glasses and empty space!  Or a tall glass sitting in front of a tumbler.  OH THE PAIN!

  5. Whenever I put something in the microwave, I always take it out 20-30 seconds before the timer goes off.

  6. When I misplace something like, say, an iPod nano, and realize at 10:30 pm that it is missing, I obsess and cannot sleep until I have found it.  Turn the house upside down if I must.  Then, once found, I put it away in its proper place and never think about it again.

  7. I shave my legs on Fridays.  Only Fridays.  Since I was 13.

So, am I crazy yet?


  1. Did you catch the OCD from the husband or were you affected by it before? I brush my teeth in the shower - I'm all about the multi-tasking. And as for the microwave, the timer must always be at zero when not in use. Tell me you reset it, please. Or it will drive me crazy.

  2. I shave my legs on sunday...hahaha!

    If your crazy about the stacking the glasses so am I because I'm the same way.

  3. Andi: resetting the timer is a totally normal thing to do. People who don't are crazy.
    Kara: Maybe it's from working in a restaurant that we are both glass-nazis.

  4. Yes, you are slightly crazy...but that's alright. I have a few "quirks" myself.

    Watch out if the dish linen drawer or tupperware drawers aren't organized properly. And the dishwasher must be loaded MY way, which naturally is the RIGHT way!

  5. I do the *exact* same thing with the color coordinating of my clothes in my closet. It's an organized rainbow in there. I can justify it for you. But, sadly, I think we might both be crazy!

    Great list, btw!


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