Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Original Corruptors BLING

Have you sucked invited others into your web of addictions - blogging, facebook, internet funsies, or even KNITTING and laughed with glee when they, too, became fellow addicts?

Or maybe you were that kid in school who said THE WORDS: Everyone is doing it...

Here's the bling for you!


  1. Just write a post about your evil deeds and how you convinced others of its coolness

  2. Link back here

  3. Post your badge with pride!

  4. Spread the love.

Original Corruptors

After you've linked to me, I'll e-mail you the code, k?


  1. That's some pretty terrific blog bling! I wish I had button making skillz.

  2. Ah, ha ha. You internet, dork, you. I shall be adding the button shortly. And then I will be gathering more converts...


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