Thursday, 17 November 2011

First Report Card

Sashimi came home with his first ever report card.  It was a whole lot of awesome.  I just wanted to share the teacher's comments at the end (translation to follow):

"Sashimi est un élève modèle. Il écoute, il participe et il suit les consignes.  Sashimi est confiant alors il pose des questions et ose prendre des risques.  Sashimi fait de grands efforts pour parler en français et prend le temps nécessaire pour trouver les mots lorsqu'il s'exprime.  Bravo!  En mathématiques, Sashimi a une excellente compréhension des concepts des régularités et de trier des objets.  C'est un plaisir d'enseigner à votre fils."


Sashimi is a model student.  He listens, he participates and follows instructions.  Sashimi is confident so he asks questions and is comfortable taking risks.  Sashimi makes great efforts to speak in French and takes the time required to find the right words when expressing himself.  Bravo!  In mathematics, Sashimi has an excellent comprehension of the concepts relating to patterns and classifiying (sorting) objects.  It is a pleasure to teach your son.

Now how do I get him to listen and follow instructions at home?

Saturday, 5 November 2011

A tale of two nights

My night:
11:00 pm - Get into bed, play around on iMovie for awhile, look at iBean's preemie NICU photos
11:30 pm - lights out
2:30 am - iBean wakes to feed.  She has a fever and is hot like bacon.  She drinks a LOT.  Put her back in her crib. Go back to my bed.
2:50 am - iBean starts crying again. Go in, give her baby advil. Cuddle her, put her back in her crib.
3:00 am - iBean cries again. Go back in to her room, pick her up and rock her in my arms.  She finally falls asleep on my chest, so I bring her to my bed.
3:30 am - My neck is killing me with Ivy propped in my arms.  I ask Tony to grab me another pillow to prop my head up.
3:30 am -  iBean moans, groans, shifts in my arms, sleeps quietly for 5 minutes or so. Repeat incessantly for 2 hours.
5:30 am - I take iBean to her room and nurse her again.  Put her in her crib.  She seems to have settled.
6:00 am - Back to my bed!
6:51 am - iBean wakes up for the day.  She doesn't know she has a fever and wants to play.  I give her tylenol.  Look for the damn thermometer.  Where the FUCK is it?!  Why can I NEVER find the stupid thing when someone actually needs it?!  Oh well, she feels like she's not quite hot-tub warm.  Probably comfortable bath warm. Around 38.5˙C. Not emergency room hot. 
7:10 am - make COFFEE.  Eat sugary cereal.  iBean munches on cereal biscuit.

Tony's night:
11:30 pm - goes to sleep.
3:30 am - Gets Sarah a pillow.  Probably doesn't remember doing it.
7:49 am - Still sleeping.

Whatever, man.  WHATEVER.