Sunday, 14 February 2010

My son is getting married

Earlier this week, Sacha stopped me in my proverbial tracks with the following announcement:

"Mommy, when I get to be an adult, I gonna get married and I gonna go on a honeymoon to a WARM SANDY beach."

"Oh really?  Mommy and Daddy went to a warm sandy beach for our honeymoon," I answered in all sincerity.

"Yeah.  I think I gonna marry Stef (his love-interest in preschool)."

"Stef?" I asked, trying to conceal my laughter at his total serious approach to this issue.

"Yeah, cuz Stef and me, we would not forget our sunscreen and our sunhats."

"That's good, kiddo.  Do you like Stef?  Is that why you want to marry her?"  I asked, wanting to hear some 3-year-old's profession of love for his 4-year-old girl friend.  Sacha did not answer right away.  He hesitated, thought carefully, then said gravely:

"Mommy, it's a long story."

I'm sure it is, kiddo.  Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Optimism from sad places

One of our biggest dreads when we found out that we had miscarried our twins was telling Sacha.  Sacha was so very excited about having a new baby in the house, he just couldn't wait to see a picture of the baby, just like the pictures from his ultrasound, which he has seen and loves to look at.

Of course, there would be no picture from this ultrasound. There was nothing to celebrate, not a moment that I wanted to capture in print for the rest of my life.

When we returned home, Tony broke the news to Sacha.  We decided not to tell him that we had lost twins, as this would have confused him and caused questions we didn't really want to answer at this point.  When Tony told him that the baby in my tummy had died, Sacha firmly placed his hands on his hips and demanded an answer: "WHY?" he exclaimed.  Tony told him that these things sometimes happen, and that we were very sad about it. Sacha's response:

"Well, looks like we're just gonna have to get another baby!"

When Tony started giggling and crying at the same time, Sacha just looked at him, placed his hand on his shoulder and said "Don't worry, Daddy.  It gonna work out better next time."

And how can one argue with that?