Tuesday, 31 July 2007

This is what I get for sleeping in

Remember when I posted and said that Sacha was wonderful for letting me sleep in?  Until 7:18?  I take it back.  He was just easing me into the hell that is today.  As it stands, it is 2:50 pm, and he napped for, oh 45 minutes.  That's it.  He spent the rest of the day screaming at me.  Including right now.

Did I also mention that he refuses to eat anything that is not either a) a peach, b) yogurt, or c) dessert tofu or d) chocolate covered cookies?

Save me.  PLEASE!


  1. oh my god I'm so with you today Sarah. Coupe is sleeping but Woodrow is saying screw that mama, I'm going to throw the longest tantrum ever and I won't even think to nap today. *sigh* I feel the biggest migraine coming on....

  2. How about a chocolate martini?

  3. Was your mom's comment meant for you or Sacha? Maybe that would get him to sleep? Ha ha.

  4. I cannot believe my mom commented. Wait, that can't be my mom. She's at work. Andi, that's your mom!

  5. I am having this day right now! Thank goodness for liquor and TV.


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