Monday, 28 May 2007

Virgin no more!

Even though I am married and have a son, I was a virgin.  No one could convince me to do such a foul and disgusting thing, let alone that it was pleasurable!  I couldn't stand the smell of it, the thought of it, or be near anyone else doing it.  It's so messy, I thought, as I avoided it by saying "It doesn't agree with me" or "I think I may be allergic."  A few weekends ago, however, my neighbour convinced me that my time had come.  It was time to give up the innocence and join the rest of the adult world.

I was nervous.  What should I wear?  What should I bring?  Were any special tools required?  What would I use to clean up after it was all over?  But she helped me along and showed me the way.  I started slowly at first, unsure of myself.  Then, it began its seductive dance in my mouth and I acqured a taste for it, realizing how foolish I had been to avoid it all these years.  It wasn't as big a deal as I thought it would be.  In fact, I could see myself doing it on a regular basis, if I had enough money to sustain it.  My husband likes it, so that would definitely make it easier for us.

Up until a few weekends ago, I was a virgin.  A seafood virgin.  But I have now tasted the wonder of lobster, and I know now what I have been missing, and I am sure wishing that I would have tasted its seductive wonders a lot sooner!


Chewing on one of its little legs...succulenty goodness...


  1. Nice. I was wondering what it was you were talking about. I had no idea you had never tried seafood. Mmm, lobster. I just like that it's an excuse to eat melted butter. That also explains my obsession with popcorn.

  2. Lobster is nice, but king crab legs are even better, albeit more difficult to eat. I had them both one time as part of the Red Lobster "ultimate feast"


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