Friday, 25 May 2007

Like father, like son

For your consideration:

Photo 1, taken 5 years ago, of T trying to get candle wax out of his boxers after he blew out a candle with such vigor that the hot wax spat back at him, splattering his body with waxy goo.

Photo 2, taken yesterday, of T's offspring trying to get a toy out of the toy box.
bum.jpg bum2.jpg

Photo 1                                         Photo 2


  1. And now genetics all makes sense...

  2. BTW, I did ask T's permission to post that photo. I'm not totally evil.

  3. Ha, Sarah. I was just going to ask if T knew that you posted the photo. He is a brave man. And I thought that Sacha had the same build as him - is it weird that I can predict what my own brother's butt looks like? Ew.

  4. I'm sure your husband is thrilled that his naked butt is on the internet for all to see. :)

    Very funny!

  5. Well, he knows about it and okayed it, so not my fault. Plus, I'm sure he's mooned his share of people in his wilder days.


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