Thursday, 31 May 2007

First dip of the summer

After weeks of humming and hawing over whether the pool water's temperature was warm enough to swim in, I said "To hell with it!" It is 30 degrees Celsius outside and ridonkulously humid (think: Cuba). Tony was in the house with Sacha, and I was checking the pool temperature (for the millionth time). It read 20 (Celsius, which I think is around 70 Fahrenheit). That's around room temperature, right? Since there is no one behind our house, and our neighbours were inside basking in their air conditioned glory, I stripped off my skirt and dove in wearing my halter top and G-string.

First reaction: F*CK it's cold! All milk reserves must be frozen!

30 seconds later: Should put my head under. That will even out the cold.

1 minute later: It's so nice in here! Should take off my halter. Is Lynn (neighbour) outside? Nope.

2 minutes later: Taking off a wet halter while submersed in water is not easy. Must plan ahead next time.

5 laps later: Could really use a cold cooler or margarita.

10 minutes later:

Tony: Sarah! I have to go back to work! What are you doing out there?

Me (to myself) : Well, I'm NOT skinny dipping, that's for sure...

Me (shouting): Can you bring me a towel?

Tony emerges from the house with S and a towel: You're swimming? Is it ok in there?

I exit the pool, and he sees my (basically) bare bum and extremely wet halter top.

Tony: WOW. I can see right through your shirt! The areola and everything!

Me: Thanks for that. (Because I didn't already know that wet T-shirts were see-through.)

30 minutes later:

Blogging about pool while not actually in pool because a flash thunder/rain storm set in. Stupid weather.


  1. Ha ha. Awesome. I want a pool. The neighbors just got one and I'm going to do me some sucking up so that I can pawn the first-born off on them for a few hours (or days...)

  2. I begin to see why Tony has been anxious to open it for the season.

  3. Sweet I want a pool!! So far I have actually convinced Tyler to buy a kiddie wading pool.. next is a slip and slide.. who needs grass?? I don't, its the fricken desert!

  4. I don't normally go in the pool in my underwear...usually am fully suited up.


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