Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Stats nerd

I used to laugh at how Andi used to talk about her blog stats. Using my own independent blog format using iWeb on my family website, I did not know what kind of stats she was talking about. Stats to me was T-scores, z-scores, standard deviations, etc. Mostly things I remember from Stats 151 in my first year of university. Now, I see the attraction.

These fancy charts! The diagramme à ligne brisée (frick, can't remember the english word) is so pretty! And looking at how people found my wee blog is so fascinating. Not to mention the ever intriguing hit counters. Of course, I am not going to start bragging about my numbers, because they are still in the small time. But T was pouting over his blog stats, thinking that his hits should be higher, not realizing that he's only been part of the biz for 2 days. Umn, dear, it's ok that your numbers are low. It's ok. I know you want to be as cool as me, but not everyone can be. I love you anyway <3


  1. In the beginning I was fascinated by my stats. Now I couldn't tell you if 0 or 5000 people read my blog...

  2. But the graphs, Molly...the GRAPHS!

  3. Ah, ha ha. I knew you would get sucked in by all the fun blog toys. Now all you have to do is include the word "naked" or the name of any genitalia in one of your posts and watch your numbers grow. So disturbing, these Google searches.

  4. Good tip, ji. I'll tell t to write a blog about his area and that should send his numbers up :P


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