Wednesday, 9 May 2007

A new super-hero: THE DETANGLER!

In an effort to support my addiction, Tony has said very little about my yarn and needle purchases. In fact, he almost looks interested when I talk about how much I love working a heel (don’t judge me). But the true measure of his love shone last night.

Mr Dash had spent much of Sunday playing with a hank of bright orange yarn while we were away for the day. I returned home to a massive mess of yarn, which was supposed to be for Tony’s woolies. I worked on detangling it for 2 hours yesterday, and had to cut the yarn twice. I gave up and threw it on the floor and went to read a book. Tony spent over an hour and a half sitting on the kitchen floor detangling, and managed to wind it into a nice little ball for me, placing it in the cupboard with our plates so that Dash could NOT work his evil ways with it. And Tony shall be henceforth known as The Detangler. I’m sure the Backyardigans could have an excellent backyard adventure about this.

PS - I just realized that the proper word is untangle, but I think The Detangler is a better superhero name.

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