Sunday, 20 May 2007

I'm so witty and giddy and bright!

OH BOY!  After a long wait, my website has finally made its way into the big time!  Well, the sort of big time.  I guess it's the moderately sized time.  But I digress.  My sheer delight is spawned from the fact that you can now Google us and find something worthwhile!  Before, whenever you Googled either my name or my husband's, nothing ever came up except old U of A alumni crap, obituaries of other Chuks, and a list of the multitude of letters that T has written to various newspapers and journals.  Now, when you Google us, you get to go here! And it only took 10 months for those Googly spiders to find us!

However, now that I have moved my blog here, and my husband has decided to follow suit, the only thing you will really see on our site is photos and the like.  Not too interesting for those who don't know us, but still!  VICTORY IS MINE!

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