Sunday, 30 September 2007

Here's an idea - can someone make it happen?

Attention all chemists, pharmacists, researchers, nerds:

I believe that there is a great need out there that is not being filled. Sick pregnant women, like me, have to rely on diclectin and supplementing that with gravol, just to make it through the day. There is a need for a control-release anti-nausea patch. That's right. A patch. Clamp it to your arm and let the druggy goodness soak in for, say, 3 months? If that is pushing it, I would even accept one month at a time. I have taken this issue up with my pharmacist husband, and he says that he will get right on it after he invents a control-release caffeine patch to wear to work. Selfish bastard.

THERE IS A MARKET FOR THIS! I am already taking 6 diclectin plus 2 or more gravol a day, and I still feel like frozen poop on the bottom of a farmer's boot. A patch would be a godsend. God. Send. Actually, God, if you could send some sort of relief on the sick side of things, that'd be great.


Mrs. Mustard.


  1. Classic. I hope you only feel like thawed poop on a farmer's boot very soon.

  2. That does sound brilliant. If your husband got to work you could be millionaires.

  3. I don't have any pull with any pharmacist type rogues, but I have something that may help. During both my pregnancies I wore those bracelets that put pressure on your wrists (I think they're called SeaBands) and it actually WORKED. And I had the kind of nausea that caused me to end up in the emergency room on IV, and on hubby's birthday too! poor guy! I was retching every 15 minutes like a demon possessed cuckoo clock!

  4. Right there with you, hon. I spent three months taking Zofran, the anti-nausea pill made for chemotherapy patients. My cousin-in-law had nausea so bad that the doctor actually put her on an insulin pump-type of drip of the stuff. Maybe you could get that set up?

  5. There is a market for this! Good points.

    I think we need something for PMS and cramps too! A week long patch of something....

  6. The months of nausea is what really makes the whole pregnancy thing suck. I had the all day nausea. Ugh

    I feel for you!

  7. This may be your key to getting rich quick!! Hope you feel better soon.


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