Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Toddler time

Since learning how to walk, Sacha has learned many things around the house. Some are good, sometimes he has good intentions, and sometimes he just does stuff to be a shit.

Good: Sacha has learned that paper goes in the recycling box.
Bad: Sacha also knows how to move things from the recycling box and throw them in the garbage.

Good: Sacha is very interested in using utensils.
Bad: He also feels that jabbing utensils into my face is hilarious.

Good: Sacha has learned how to close doors and play hide and seek.
Bad: He has not figured out that he doesn't know how to open doors, and this starts yelling at me through the door at the grave injustice of him being locked behind a door.

Good: Sacha knows what a pizza box looks like.
Bad: Sacha knows how to drag a pizza box out of the recycling bin, bring it to me, open it, and then yell directly at me because there is no pizza in the box.

Good: Sacha knows where his soothers are kept.
Bad: He cannot reach the place where his soothers are kept, so he tries to climb up his dresser to get at them, but ultimately ends up yelling for me to lift him up so that he can scoop them all into his hands.

Good: Sacha is able to tell us when he wants to take a bath by going to the tub and throwing his bath toys is.
Bad: He also knows how to tell us that he's done bathing by climbing out of the tub and streaking down the hall.

Which is what he is doing right now...


  1. wow...it sounds like Sacha and my boys would really get along...although that might not be a good thing. i could just see the chaos if they were to have a play-date....ahhhhh!

  2. Welcome to toddler time. You're in for a very trying time - but I guess you already knew that.


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