Thursday, 13 September 2007

What's the difference?

A Public Service Announcement:

Having the second one is not as glamourous as having the first. It is normal to not really think to much about it, or to shudder when picturing the lack of sleep, personal time, and total mayhem that your life will envelop with the arrival of number 2.

Proof? While this pregnancy was planned and we are very happy that we are having another baby, here's a tidbit from our morning conversation:

With an earnest, almost worried, look on his face, Tony asks me: "Is it normal to not feel as over-the-top excited about the second baby? I mean, I'm excited, but I don't feel the need to call the radio stations and announce it to the world."

Me: It's normal We know what's coming.

We look at Sacha clutching to Mr. Dash with a total dominatrix look on his face, while Dash hums in annoyance.

Oh boy.


Further proof: while typing this post, Sacha managed to grab my coffee cup, try to take a sip, be disgusted, pour the coffee on my laptop, and then slip in the spilled coffee running off the laptop keyboard.  My first instinct was to protect the laptop, but I fought that in order to be a good mommy and make sure Sacha was ok.  Which he was.  I then locked him out of the bathroom while I performed emergency surgery on my precious to make sure it still worked.  So far, so good.  Freaken kid.  Now he's trying to eat my power cord.


  1. Welcome to the underwhelmed world of the second pregnancy. Half the time I forgot I was pregnant - well, except for all the times that I was crazy sick and couldn't take any medicine. On the plus side, you will be much more relaxed with baby #2. Let's just ignore the fact that you will also have a toddler to deal with, which should even out the anxiety factor. Fun!

  2. The Poo once spilled a glass of iced tea on my brand-new MacBook. Oh, it hurt.

    I can totally understand where you are coming from here. Hope your day gets better!

  3. Completely normal. With my second pregnancy I was ready to be done by, oh, about week four. But once the baby actually arrives? It's a brave new world with two little ones. Totally different experience - the things that thrilled and worried me with the first one were replaced by a whole new set of thrills and worries as I watched my two girls grow together.

  4. I can totally relate. You are probably so busy with the first that it hard to consentrate on the new life developing inside you. With my first I would just have time to lay there and think about it. Now, when I lay down I fall out from sheer exhaustion, thanks to a 13 month old that I swear is related to the energizer bunny.

  5. Totally the norm. Not that I would know personally...but from what I've heard from friends. Think about what's like for the Dugger Family! By the time you reach #17 - you're like "Oh hell, another!"

  6. all the others said it's normal. I had no 'time' to shout from the roof times with my second. I found out at 13 weeks that I was preggers with boy2 and was like WHAT the ....?! So....there was no pomp and circumstance during the pregnancy or after the birth because we''re busy. Taking care of a toddler and a newborn. Once you get through day 2 with baby2 you'll be a pro and wonder how you lived without them both. ;)

  7. I cannot believe what an utterly different experience having both my children was! Like I was two different people!
    someone actually tagged me about it recently and it was fun to rehash
    check it out if you get a free second, YEAH RIGHT!

  8. it's totally true what they say about the second...i didn't believe it until i went to one of my doctor's appointments and she asked how many weeks along i was....and i didn't remember???? i was counting the days with my first!!!

  9. oh, girl, I hardly even know how old Baby O is. :-D It's all true. I was pregnant, then I wasn't and now we have a baby. And he's not even four months old and already it feels like just normal life. It took so much longer to adjust the first time. Two hours of sleep? Meh. Whatev. Y'all are gonna LUFF it. (until you don't and then feel free to look me up and laugh about it)

  10. Two is infinitely harder than one. Especially when they're babies. I remember those days. BUT the good news is that every day gets you closer to the years when they can pour their own cereal and wipe their own bottoms. It's coming. Someday. I promise.

  11. I even felt a little that way with my FIRST (and only) pregnancy!


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