Monday, 24 September 2007

Hairdo and Hairdon't

Prepare yourselves. You are about to be blown away by my...funk! Blame it on the pregnancy, if you don't mind.

I headed out the door SANS ENFANTS to my hair appointment this morning. I was on a mission. To get a new look. As much as a new look is possible when one cannot buy new clothing that doesn't have a stretchy waist band or one of those icky bows that hug your back. But I digress.

My hairdo was getting a little hairdon't for my liking, and so I asked my stylist to funk it up a notch. We have plans, my hair and I, and today's appointment was merely Phase I of the whole. Today, my friends, I got bangs. BANGS! I know, it can be a scary thought. I've had my share of bad bang experiences. (Hair, people. Git yo mind out tha guttah!) Like this:

The spiky bangs

The spikey bangs

Oy vey!

Oy Vey!

This is why you shouldn't cut your own bangs

Why you should never cut your own bangs

Too cool to smile

Wanting to impress the boys with my coolness

Swept away

Swept away for high school graduation - getting a bit better

Sarah Convocation 2005

5 years later and still the same for convocation. Ain't I classy?


But lo and behold, this is what I have now:
Phase I
I like! Phase I is a success!

Phase II will be a bit more complex, and I will have to wait a few months before I can do it. It involves a little colour and a lot more length. Happy!Happy!Joy!Joy!

You may now resume your more important readings and doings. My bangs and I thank you for your interest.


  1. I like the never cut your own bangs picture, I have done that many of times and was never sucessful. I like the new bang, they are "in" this season I hear (I not sure how I would know, but I do remember hearing it somewhere)

  2. I cut my hair above my shoulders for the first time in history...such a big deal. I wasn't brave enough for bangs though...for fear of ending up with some of those other iterations you pictured but the new ones are lovely.

  3. I like! Can't wait to see phase II.

  4. Bangs! I haven't had them since grade 8. You are a brave, brave woman. I like the new look - very sassy chic.

  5. You are a brave, brave woman! Nicely done.

    Award for you over at my place!

  6. Excuse me, but where are your bumper bangs! Everyone had bumper bangs!

    The new 'do is lovely!

  7. The day before my grade 7 class picture I decided to be fashionable and have bangs. As we never went to hairdressers, that meant letting my mom do it. So she did. Oh no, they weren't quite even. Just chop a bit more to straighten them. Darn, still not even...well, you get the picture. Actually, you don't....I believe all copies have been destroyed.

  8. Bumper bangs!! I did have them, but all the pics must be at my mom' proof of them here!


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