Friday, 21 December 2007

A visual aid

In reference to my last post, I knew that I had some good pictures of the last Christmas we spent with our family (back home - 2005). Maybe now you will fully understand the good times we will be missing:

Mullets New Year's Eve 2005
Mullets were all the rage, even among Babas

Christmas 2005

We all played with our rods - gifts in preparation for our houseboating trip

Party like it's 1983!

 Hair metal is BACK!

Hair Metal is back!

My sister brings out the best in people, including my step-dad

The crazy aunts

The crazy aunts

Talia rawks!

See?  Don't you wanna be like her?

Atari always brings the family together

Ooh!  Atari!  I wanna play pong next!

Puppies go Woof Woof!

Puppies say Woof Woof!

Yeah, Ariel.  I'll be right over.

Yo Ariel, I'll be right there as soon as I ditch this sausage fest.  Wear those shells that I love, will ya?

 How could you NOT want to party with my family?


  1. Looks like my kind of celebration. With your new babe next year will be even better.

  2. That was hilarious, especially the caption you made up for Dave!

  3. your family looks like they are awesome fun!'re making me sad now. i know it's a long drive...but you can come to my place for Christmas if you want...;-)


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