Monday, 17 December 2007

The B&B race continues

Here we are!

20 weeks along with baby #2 and here is the belly:

20 weeks with baby #2

This is where you ask: what belly? Ah, well, the belly is still a little behind in the race, and the boobs still seem to be in the lead. The belly to boob ratio is still less than 1 (as you recall, ratios can be expressed in three ways - in words, as a fraction or with a colon.  Here, I am opting for the fraction format as I refer to 1 as the whole, or 1/1. So a ratio less than 1 would be, in this case as an example,  1/2 meaning that the belly is half the size of the boobs.  Roughly. As an approximation. That is your math lesson for the day. You are now smarter than a 6th grader.)

But I guess it's not really fair to poor old baby-bump-belly, since there are two boobs and only one little baby to push that belly out.  I guess I have to eat more Ichiban.


  1. You lost me at "What belly?" LOL

    I have no belly either. (I'm 18 weeks tomorrow) I didn't show with Carter until I was about 6 months... then I got HUGE and birthed a 9 pounder.

  2. My first comment vanished into the Blogosphere somewhere. *pout*

    All I said was that you lost me at "What Belly?"

    And that I'm now 18 weeks and have no belly either. But the first time, I didn't have a belly until 6 months and birthed a 9 pounder.

    Though the big boobs are nice, no?

  3. Belly is still looking pretty small. Don't worry, I'm sure it will catch up soon. :)

  4. Correction: since ratios are introduced in grade 6 (in Alberta's math curriculum), I guess you are now as smart as a 6th grader. Not smarter than.
    You are smarter than a fifth grader, though :P


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