Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Since you've all shown me yours

After reading this post on Temporarily Me, I decided to let it all out.

My feed count. See that little pink widget in my sidebar? Yeah, it says 17. Now is time for a little explanation. Is my feed count really 17? Probably not. The tricksy thing is that since I am on WP, my blog automatically has a WP feed. Then I signed up for feedburner some 6 months later when WP stopped giving us feed stats. Many people do not even know that I have 2 feeds, but I do. One of them is tracked by the wonderful Feedburner, the other is lost in oblivion somewhere, but I infer from my regular commentators (like YOU!) that I have more than 17 readers and that they are probably reading my wordpress feed.

I have been hiding my FB stats for a while, but I'm letting it all out. I have no shame in my low number anymore. That doesn't mean I wouldn't love it if you all switched to my FB feed so I could really know how many readers I actually have, but if you don't, I'm ok with that.

So revel in the beautiful pink widget. I'll give you a moment.


  1. I'm still disappearing into Akismet I think. *pout*

  2. beautiful pink!!

    And yeah, I'm the same. I have an ATOM feed and an RSS feed - Feedburner only tracks one or the other... so I think my numbers are slightly skewed too.

    But! That doesn't matter because those 17 readers are important!! and should be embraced, right!?

    It took me a little to share my numbers because I'm competitive and always hard on myself - but I figured it's about time. I'm not ashamed.. even if I do have about HALF the number of some other bloggers out there.

  3. Sam, one of your comments was marked as spam and the other wasn't. Stupid askimet.

  4. I'm so confused... I never knew that feeds could make a difference! most of the time I just copy the actual URL and paste it into my reader and it automatically "subscribes" me. Hmph. I guess this is why I use mybloglog because it just tells me how many different readers I have as opposed to how many hits. works pretty well, not that I really care how many people read my blog, since it's mostly for family! ;)

  5. My feed is messed up too. I think I have two somewhere, but it hurts my brain to try to figure it all out.

    Ignorance is bliss sometimes.

  6. Hmmmmm.....I'm not sure how I was getting you. I just used the "add to google reader" thing I've saved in my links. I resubscribed with your link.

  7. Squee! I'm one of those 17.

  8. Me too!! But I resubscribed just in case I had previously subscribed to the other one. :-)

  9. my number sucks.....10 readers by feedburner....:( i feel so unloved...of course, the number of comments i get would say differently! i didn't know Wordpress had it's own feed....wow, i'm a tool...

    anyway, i'm already subscribed to your wonderful blog through feedburner....i'm one of the famous 17! woot!


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