Saturday, 1 December 2007

My life according to Google images

As much time as some memes seem to take, this one, which Krista tagged me for, intrigued me, as I do so LOVE a random google search.

How it works: Type the answer to each question in a Google image search and post the 1st picture result.

Age at my next birthday:

my next birthday


Place I'd like to travel:

I'd like to go here

Favourite place:

I love being here

Favourite object:

I love mine


Favourite food:

I could eat this every day

Favourite colour:

my favourite colour (not artist)


Nick name:

my sister calls me this


Place you were born:

i was born here


I hereby tag Heather and Andi, because I am sure the pictures they would come up with would be awesome. And anyone else pining for blog fodder, have at 'er!


  1. Sweet. I may have to do this one considering my lack of content lately. Oh, and did you know you title says "Goggle"?

  2. So is your nickname WHoopi or Sarafina? (or Goldberg for that matter?!) LOL

  3. I like this one! Great images!

  4. I'm stealing your idea. It's cool. I was kinda wondering what your sister calls you too.

  5. [...] There has been some confusion in the world lately, especially after people started reading my google meme. The particular trouble lay in this image, which was supposed to represent my [...]

  6. I'm afraid to know why your nickname is Whoopi.

    I'll put this game on my list! But have you seen my list? I want to burn my list...December is Ca-razy. I'd like to skip the month, thank you. LOL


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