Thursday, 6 December 2007

Meet my Alien Baby

I went for my first ultrasound yesterday. I am 18 weeks along, and I haven't felt the baby move. at. all. At this time with Sacha, he was already making his presence known, so I have had the old mother panic that I wasn't really pregnant, that there was no baby, that I was getting fat for nothing. Well, I guess eating ice cream and chocolate every day would do that to me anyway.

The ultrasound was an eye opener in several ways:

  1. There really is a baby in there.

  2. The baby really knows how to boogie!  It made for a very long ultrasound process, as it wouldn't sit still long enough to get the photos and measurements they need for morphology.

  3.  In the future, I should totally disregard their requirements to drink 4-8 oz glasses of water, having been sent to the bathroom not once, but twice, to empty first a cup and a half, then 2 cups.  Anyone who has had to do this knows it is not easy to just let a little pee out.  And then there I am, the Power Pee-er.  I can void an overflowing bladder in under 10 seconds.  Probably closer to 5.  I was chanting to myself "hold it, hold it, drip drip drip."  It seemed to do the trick, but I was still in very near danger of dribbling in my pants.

  4. The baby will be a girl.  We don't know this from the ultrasound, but hear me out.  Look at this picture of our little joy-bundle:

My little alien baby

It looks like an alien, no?  Aliens are green.  Ivy is green.  Therefore it will be a girl and her name will be Ivy.

Flawless reasoning.

PS - Tony actually thinks he saw a penis, but honestly, the way that kid was moving, it could have been ANYTHING, like a little pink bow or a cute barrette. I hold true to my logic.


  1. Sounds like perfect logic to me! :-)

    When I went for the ultrasound for my second baby I remember having to pee so badly that I honestly wanted to cry. But, nurse reminds you twelve hundred times before appointment: must. have.full.bladder. so I didn't pee. I finally got in to the ultrasound and the technicial was all "Wow, you must be really uncomfortable, why don't you go let some of that out." Ugh!

  2. My first, BC, kicked me like no tomorrow! But my second, eClaire, just moved. slowly. turning. and. spinning. never. really kicking.

    So I think you are right! It's a girl. Ivy is a lovely name!

  3. With my first child I did the whole drinking of the water and peed about six time during the session. My bladder jsut continues to fill right up. With my second I did not drink and they were able to see just fine. I think the whole full bladder thing is a cruel trick they play on pregnant women. They don't have a baby kicking them in their bladder.
    We got the "Money Shot" as my husband would say and we are clearly having a boy!
    I also like you line of reasoning, reminds be of the Monty Python "she a witch" logic.

  4. Aw, sweet! And I totally agree with the not drinking thing. I never remembered to drink extra water and they were just fine.

  5. Impeccable logic. I did the same thing with the water, it was nuts.

  6. HI!
    The ultrasound guy here said that I didn't have to drink water for my u/s, because it was a pregnancy u/s. He said if it was for another reason I would have to. weird.
    And I love your logic too! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! :)

  7. Ivy is beautiful. I'm sure her barrette had a smashing rhinestone on it too (just hope it doesn't cut you on the way out - that would not be pretty).

  8. Regardless of the boy/girl outcome, you could always call Chris Carter and tell him you have an alien extra all lined up for a new X-Files movie! Yeah!

    Just kidding! She/he is going to be beautiful/handsome, no matter what!

  9. Your logic is undeniable.

  10. Another Ivy makes 3! Love that name. Love your alien.

  11. YEY! She's adorable. (Doesn't it crack you up when people say that? Uh. A blog? Adorable. Totally!)

  12. wow...has it been 18 weeks already? man, time flies!

    and by the way...cutest alien baby evah! ;)

  13. thats wrong there is nothing wrong with that baby be more respectful

  14. Daisy: You clearly have no sense of humour. I feel bad for you.


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