Saturday, 6 October 2007

Working the White Carpet

Obviously, Sacha needs to entertain himself when I am cooking.  There are many toys available to him, and he is now fully equipped with wax crayons, paper and so on.  So, what does he choose to do?

Take all the garbage bags out and throw them down the stairs!

This was not my first choice of activities, but what the heck. He's quiet, occupied, and I can get some stuff done!  But this was only phase one.  He then took each individual bag and threw it down the stairs.

This is what my dear sweet husband saw when he came home from work: now he can practice his strut on the white carpet!

Garbage bags - the new red carpet


  1. Cool! A homemade slip-n-slide!

  2. yeah, we used to call these activities "bad baby games."

    he is terribly cute!

  3. Homemade slip-n-slide! HAHA!
    Don't tell my husband that, he'll attempt to make it happen.

  4. Looks like a perfectly good toddler activity to me.

  5. I used to let Ethan rip apart catalogs & magazines because he loved them & it kept it occupied for a while.

  6. eeks...what is it about trash bags that little boys love so much?

  7. Why do we even bother buying them toys?

  8. Can I just say I think I love your kid...particularly since he's wearing my team's jersey in this shirt.

    Don't break my heart and tell me you're not a fan of the Oil....let me live with my delusions.


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