Saturday, 6 October 2007

The ultimate parenting question

Which would you rather have?

a) a child that sleeps through the night but wakes up at 5 am every day

b) a child that wakes once during the night, but sleeps until 6:30 or 7?

c) THERE IS NO OPTION C!  You gotta work with what you've got!  And what do I have?  A kid who either wakes up in the night or wakes up for the day at the ass crack of dawn that is 5:00 am.  Sometimes 4:45.  13 month olds suck in the sleep department.

How do your kids fare? Please send some words of consolation or encouragement, or I may off myself by chocolate.


  1. I feel your pain... I just hope my 6 month old doesn't do that until he's 13 months... and some days (nights?) he gets up once and then is also up for the day at 5:30. Ugh.

  2. This is a trick question- if he gets up at 5, that is the middle of the night. So either way he is getting up in the middle of the night.
    'The answer-- earplugs.

  3. All I can offer you is the beauty of lowered expectations. If you expect him to get up at 5 and he gets up at 6, then you'll be excited. If you expect him to get up later, you'll be disappointed for the rest of the day.

    Sorry this sucks, but it's all I've got. My little turkey pulled this stunt on me too. :) Hopefully, it'll pass - by then you'll have the joys of waking up with a baby. Isn't parenting fun?

  4. This post sounds very very familiar?? Oh, that's because I've lived this life too!!

    Why is it kids won't respect reasonable hours of sleep and awake? Gesh!


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