Thursday, 25 October 2007

Tastes like lemon

I'm coming out with it:   I like fat.  I dislike things that are non-fat or low-fat. Really, a good Ukrainian girl would.  Why bake something when you can fry it up in a pound of lard with some bacon tossed in for good measure?  Who needs sauce when you've got butter?  Loads and loads of butter.  But in my everyday, regular eating habits, this is why I've gone back to fat:

A while ago, my father-in-law was having a conversation with us about yogurt.  At the time, I was infatuated with the yumminess of Source yogurt.  (I never bought yogurt unless it was fat free, and Source yogurt is even sugar and aspartame free.  It is sweetened with Splenda.)  He came right out and said that he didn't know how we could eat the stuff because all fat free yogurt "tastes like lemon.  I don't know why they bother having different flavours because it all tastes like lemon."  I laughed.  Tony laughed and said that was the dairy farmer in him talking.

When I started buying those little Minigo yogurts for Sacha (obviously not fat-free because he needs all the fat he can get), I started nibbling on them.  Boy, are they good!  I started buying fatty yogurt for myself and it is So. Much. Better.  Period.

I bought some Source yogurt a month ago after indulging in the yummy fattiness of whole yogurt for the past  8 months or so.  The flavours sounded amazing: peach-passion fruit, coconut-pineapple-banana (or something) and more.  When I tasted them, I noticed something.  Fat free yogurt DOES taste like lemon!   Bah!  I couldn't even eat them.  I went and bought some fatty yogurt instead.  Activia is my bag, baby.

So there it is.  From Mrs. Mustard's mouth to yours:

Whole fat yogurt = good.

Non-fat yogurt = lemons.


  1. FAT RULES! What's life without a little pork fat? If you stop eating fat completely you will have some serious "regularity" problems - I know because some years ago I went on a low fat diet and I was not a happy camper for a while.
    I won't eat low-fat, non-fat anything - if I can't have the real stuff I'll go without!
    What a little doll you have there - do I see fat on her little angel face? No wonder she's so happy!

  2. Fat does rule! I'd rather eat a small amount of full-fat anything than a large amount of non-fat something. It just tastes better.

  3. Wally's glad you've found the wonderful world of Activia. He dumps it on his cereal all the time.

  4. I never eat anything with the nerve to call itself low-fat or no-fat. None of that low/no-fat crap for me.

  5. fat free = wrong! have you ever tasted fat free sour cream or fat free cream cheese? YAK! if you're gonna do, go all the way! fat is good!

  6. Welcome to the world of Activia.
    My favorites? Pear and Prune. And apple muslix. And peach & fibre.
    And well.
    All of them.


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