Monday, 8 October 2007

Stupid settings on stupid flickr because of stupid orkut

So after reading about the nasty things some people are doing on Orkut, I went and changed the privacy settings on many of my photos.  This, however, seemed to have screwed up the photos on my blog, even the ones that I didn't change, so I am trying to figure THAT out.

In short, people WILL plagiarize off the net, and whether I post pictures on flickr, my own personal website, or on here, they are up for scrutiny and possible theft.  I don't want my pictures floating around on some stranger's personal site, but I am not going to live in an internet bubble because of it.

So if my pictures seem wonky or aren't working, I am on it like a fat kid on smarties.


  1. Snort! Fat kid on smarties. Yeah, those rock.

    People are twisted and the fact that someone is bored enough and sick enough to f@#k with someone's personal memories is just stupid.

    Good luck!

  2. lol@ fat kid! I totally agree with the "not leaving the Internet" thing because of some losers. I will be careful, sure, but they will not bring me down! Bah!


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