Saturday, 18 August 2007

You are...

Gotta love my niece, the ever impressive orator, Elliot.

Tonight, we were watching the telly when she starts looking at me and saying: "You are...someone else.  You are...Mommy!  You are...Matt! You are Tony!"  And so on giving me names from various other members of the family.

Then this:

"You are...a big cunty couch!"

And of course, the more Andi and I laughed, the more she said it with such conviction:

"You are CUNTy couch!  CUNTY couch!"

Who needs TV when you ARE a cunty couch!?

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  1. This was hilarious. I am soooo behind on my blog reading, so I know I'm late on this one, but seriously, hilarious. And... I'm new to your blog and did not realize that you and Andi are related. Let me catch up, but am I right that you are sisters? Sisters-in-law? I'll find it somewhere.

    Your blog is quickly becoming one of my new favorites, by the way. I caught onto you via cre8buzz, having been a fervent lover of Poot & Cubby for a while now, and am thrilled to find a new blog that makes me laugh. Genuinely.


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