Friday, 17 August 2007

Godzilla Reincarnate

There are certain things I omit from the standard parent-kidling conversations about my son: that he doesn't sleep through the night, that he is a major mama's boy, that he likes to use tampons as soothers, that he bites, and that he destroys things faster than Bush can say evil-doers.

I had never really noticed the dramatic destructive tendencies Sacha possesses until we arrived in Alberta for our extended holiday. To illustrate my point, I have compiled a brief list of the things Sacha has destroyed since our arrival to Alberta.

  1. My mom's kitchen

  2. My mom's $700 area rug by dripping peach mung all over it

  3. The view-finder on my camera

  4. A glass plate from Elliot's tea party set

  5. A sugar packet display at Boston Pizza

  6. An entire table and sitting booth at Boston Pizza

  7. A Sesame Street keychain display at Elephants Never Forget

  8. A Baby Einstein display at Elephants Never Forget

  9. Pretty much all of Elephants Never Forget

  10. A shelving unit filled with to go containers at Bueno Gelato

  11. Pretty much every to go container on said shelf at Bueno Gelato

Things Sacha has attempted to destroy:

  1. My parent's 52" plasma HDTV

  2. A display of expensive art at a friend's place of work

  3. My sister-in-law's HDTV

  4. Two computers and their CD-ROM drives

  5. A cat

  6. A space heater

  7. My sanity (the jury is still out on which list this item belongs on)

And the list grows exponentially by the day...

Godzilla is victorious over kitchen!


  1. OH MY! At least he looks like he's having a blast.

  2. that photo is priceless.


  3. That's what my MIL kitchen looks like when I let Bubbie loose with no one home.

    He looks like he is having a good time, I absolutely love the picture!

  4. All I can think of is the song...."he's a real wild one, wild one..."

    Love the picture!

  5. [...] met me before?  Moreover, do you KNOW what a toddler will do in your nice professional kitchen?  This is what he’ll do. They then offered “insight” as to why Sacha was acting the way he was - teething, [...]

  6. That photo says it ALL. (Trying not to laugh.)


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