Friday, 31 August 2007

I so smart

Here's a snippet into my mind the other night:I wonder what's on TV.  Ooh, Jeopardy.  I love this show.  Why don't I watch it more often?  Historic Txt Msgs?  That's a weird category.  WHAT IS THE LIGHTBULB?  Man, I am so smart.  Why would you make a dumb category like that?  All written in dumb abbreviations.   WHO IS BELL? Man, I am on FIRE!

Wait, those contestants look really young.

Txt msg...young contestants...oh fuck.  This is Teen Jeopardy.

Category: Bloggers

Answer: A young SAHM who likes to revel in the fact that she used to teach math and had a 3.9 GPA in university but who doesn't get out much anymore and is slowly sinking into dolt-dom.



  1. Haha. Very funny. I don't even attempt the teen version! I would fail miserably on the text message part.

  2. Very clever post! I ROCK at kid jeopardy, the real version, though...not so much.

  3. Well the important thing is were any of the young teens HOT?

  4. I loves me some Jeopardy. And I form every answer in the form of a question, like the loser I am.


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