Friday, 3 August 2007

Sacha and Maman's Room of Fun

Hear ye, hear ye!

Why spend another day playing with crusty stinky play dough or colouring grossly anatomically incorrect dinosaurs when there is a new amusement park just waiting to entertain and impress you!

Sacha and Maman's Room of Fun is now open visitors of all ages!

Hours of operation: Ass-crack of dawn to last call. We break for the Backyardigans and sometimes 4 Square *shudder*

Admission: We pay YOU! In free drinks! Read more to learn how this works.

Attractions include, but are not limited to:

  1. Bobbing for bunnies (of the dust variety) from a bucket of mysterious floaty and fluffy lint fun!

  2. Taste testing a new variety of crumbled brown "chocolate" nuggets, fresh from the cat's ass source!

  3. Cleanliness is next to godliness while watching the Turning Barrel of the front loading Whirlpool! OH MY!

  4. Recycling Basketball Training using our wonderfully challenging 3-tiered practice bins for free throws!

  5. The Battery Charging button of Colourful Enigma - it makes a different colour each time you push it!

  6. Take the Plunge with out very own, very clean, plunger of doom!

  7. Learn your colours and put them in the right hamper rainbow mixing station! Every correct toss gains one free drink for the parent supervisor for getting your kid to learn how to do his own damn laundry.

We anxiously await your visit! Why would you waste another MINUTE not spending your whole day in our room of fun? I know I haven't. I spend all day in our room of fun, and believe me, I have earned MANY free drinks!
Fun Room!

The magical light tour

Aftergrad 2000 WOOT!

**Ok, so the last picture does not depict the happiness from the Room of Fun, but it does show a certain Maman and friend enjoying what I can only remember as a free drink. I am pretty sure it was free. It was certainly alcoholic, and most probably purchased by some boy trying to get somewhere. After that, I have no more comments.

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  1. Oh, goody. I was waiting for this post. It really does sound fun - do you suppose I have a room of fun at my house? I guess we shall soon find out.

    Oh, and I too have suffered through the low-budget oddity that is Four Squares. Elliot loves it. Must be the music and the retina burning bright colors.


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