Friday, 22 June 2007

My mom is watching Borat

My parents are visiting me for a couple of weeks. Well, they are really here to see Sacha, but in the evenings, we get some well deserved adult-time.
Tonight, my mom wanted to watch a movie. My step-dad looked through my vast selection and chose Borat, since us "kids" (my siblings included) keep quoting things from the movie.
As I look at my mom right now, the look on her face is priceless. I don't know if she is offended, if she understands the humour (my dad used to say that before she met him, she thought oral sex was talking about it), or if she's just grossed out.  It should be interesting when we get to the infamous naked wrestling scene.

Just to clarify, Sacha was NOT named after Sacha Baron Cohen.  It is just a wonderful coincidence...


  1. Evelyn checking out Borat? You must take a picture of the facial expression. If my grandparents enjoyed it though, surely she will get the humor...

  2. Oh, that's classic. :)

    In my case, I think my mom's head would pop off, but then, she fearfully refers to everything below her waist as "the butt", so I don't know how she'd take the wrestling scene ;)

  3. Andi: I think your grandparents are a bit more racy than my mom is. My dad, that would have been a different story.

  4. What!? Are you sure oral sex isn't just talking about it? Next you'll be telling me that there is no stork.

  5. I still remember Mom's facial expression when we watched American Pie with her. Remember the cup scene earlier in the movie...? I swear I remember her saying something like "don't drink it! aahhh!"


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