Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Canadian Idol + Instruments = It's about time!


I don't watch Canadian Idol. The talent on there, don't hate me for saying it, is worse than its American counterpart. I do NOT believe that Canadians are less talented. I think that all the REALLY good Canadian talent doesn't give a hoot about being an Idol and that they don't even bother to audition (I maintain this as my excuse for never auditioning...). That, or the judging is different and they draw different types of musicians and entertainers. I don't watch American Idol, either. I almost got caught in the Taylor Hicks fever last year, but got so tired of watching that pipsqueak Kevin get pushed through week after week and I feared that his singing would eventually lead my ears into a spiral of depression and ultimately end in their self-mutilation.

But last night, I tuned in. Why? Well, my cousin (Spencer - he's the 7th one in...go see, you know you wanna!) made it into the top 200 and got his golden ticket to Toronto. Woot! I've never heard the guy sing, but hey...I had visions if he went through, I could go to TO with my big banner that says "Baba's posse" and the camera would pan to me while he sings and the subtitle would read "Spencer's hot cousin, Sarah." All part of the plan. So I turned on the tube, ate my corn on the cob and steak (courtesy of T) and watched.

I was pleasantly surprised. Not necessarily by the singing (I had to protect my ears with some duct tape and ear muffs), but by the fact that they allowed the vocalists to accompany themselves on guitar or piano. SWEET! This is so much more realistic than singing a cappella. Most young hopefuls play and sing at the same time (no easy feat, I'll tell you) and to me, it shows a more well-rounded musician than someone who wears the oh-so-short skirt and oh-my-boobies low-cut top while belting out some version of "Dirrty." I was totally enthralled with the threesome of guys who sang together and all played their guitars. For having very little sleep, the harmony was great and the energy in their playing and performance was ├╝ber enjoyable (as was their appearance...nothing sexier than a guy at one with his guitar, and if there's 3 of them? Oh my...). I then decided it was safe to peel off the duct tape.

I will probably tune in tonight to make sure those boys get through to the top 22 (Greg Neufeld, Andrew Austin and Paul Filek).

Oh, and my cousin didn't get through, but he has a band back in his hometown. You can listen to them here.


  1. Don't do it Sarah. Don't get sucked into the Idol madness - you'll never return from the void, my friend.

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