Friday, 15 June 2007

I thought it was a good idea

I have been told that my son is cute. Obviously, I think he's ridiculously, but I am biased. My mother tells me he's adorable, as do my grandparents, but they are also biased. Random people in the mall tell me that he is gorgeous and has the greatest blue eyes they've ever seen. Although they're not biased, it's a fact that his eyes are gorgeous and bodaciously blue. The ladies at T's work go on and on about how I should put him in a commercial or something. Believe me, nothing would please me more than to have my baby boy flaunting his bum for Lever 2000 or for Huggies with that flex stuff around the waist, even though I choose to use cloth diapers. If I wanted to have a Leak-a-Thon to raise money for the R&D people at Huggies so that their dumb diapers actually FIT a baby's bum rather than just my Cabbage Patch doll, maybe I'd jump on board. But I digress.

I received an newsletter from a clothing store I frequent, saying that they are having a Canadian Cutie contest for Canada day. The prize is not huge, but it's the principle of the proving to the world that my son is a bonafide cutie.

I began taking picture after picture:

Looking like his Maman oh wait, the picture is supposed to show him wearing clothes purchased from THAT store.

img_1785.jpg Hmmm...this shirt IS from that store, but it's covered with cookie mung, and is not distinctively from there.

img_1764_2.jpg I am pretty sure that sleeper is from there, but I think the olive hat is highlighted most here. Keep looking...

Surfing dude He's not really smiling here. I think he may have been pooping. Let's try again.

My son has one leg! Why does S look like he was born with one leg?

All smiles He's all smiles, but the background really sucks. I think that chair should be declared legally dead.

Massage for Maman? Ready to give Maman a massage? It looks sort of blurry, though...maybe let's try again.

Red peppers Oh shit. Back to the diaper pictures. He's eating a red pepper: do I get extra brownie points for being an amazing mother that gets her son to eat vegetables of his own accord? Come on...

So, even though I know my son is cute and has ocean-blue eyes and a smile that can crack a stone heart, I realize now that I cannot capture HIM on film.

Not the way I see him.

Not the way I love him.

Pool babies wear Coppertone

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