Thursday, 14 June 2007

Doggone it!

I need some advice.

There is a dog in the neighbourhood.  It is a beautiful dog - a golden retriever.   By all means, it should be a lovely dog.  I couldn't really attest to this, however, as its careless owners let it roam free.  In everyone's yards.  It poops on my lawn, pees on my driveway, barks and growls at Sacha, and has come dangerously close to jumping the fence and hopping into our backyard while chasing a cat.  I growled back at it and chased it away - "Go away! Go on! Get! Stay tuned for an all-new Ally McBeal!"

I will admit, I am not a dog person.  But aren't leash laws in place for a reason?  Any suggestions from the crowd as to how to deal with this?

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  1. Give it a chocolate bar. That'll fix it real good.


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