Friday, 15 June 2007

For the love of Krishna! I could fry an perogy on my forehead!

It has been over 30 degrees* all week here.  In fact, we were the second hottest city in Canada on Wednesday, sitting at 33 with a humidex of 36.  It is so hot in our house: Sacha spent the day in his diaper yesterday, accompanied by his mother wearing a tank top and panties.   The nights are awful - Sacha doesn't sleep, Tony sweats and snorts, and I lie awake and wonder what I did in my past life to merit such torture.

Too bad I am opposed (in principle) to central air in homes...damn global warming!!

*I am talking celcius, people.  To change it to fahrenheit, you do 1.8 x Tc + 32.  In this case, 1.8 x 30 + 32 = 86 degrees fahrenheit.


  1. Ugh, heat. How I despise it! Luckily it has been a comfortable 22 degrees here. And the hottest days I spent in an air conditioned hospital. Sure, I was suffering incredible pain, but at least I was cool.

  2. When it is that hot picture yourself scraping the ice and snow from your car. The temperature is minus 30 and you are already late for school. Better still, buy a fan. We have one in our condo and it is "hot" in the summer.


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