Thursday, 3 January 2008

Five Years Ago

Over 7 years ago, I found myself a handsome boyfriend:

Handsome T

He also happened to be very intelligent (most of the time), a good cook and baker. I thought he was pretty cool, so I convinced him that he should marry me and let me have his babies. It was a hard sell, seeing that I am also highly intelligent, a good cook, but only a moderate baker. So to up the ante, I decided to gain some weight in my boobs (naturally, no surgery here) so that they were no longer As but Cs. That convinced him, and he bought me a ring.

Like an angel

It's a good thing I got those boobs, otherwise I would not have filled out my dress so well. Not without paying hundreds of dollars in alterations, anyway.

So 5 years ago, today, we made it official. He gave me his word, a ring, and a white rose, promising to bring me a white rose on each anniversary as a reminder of how fragile love is and that we need to nurture it to keep it alive and strong:

The beginning of the rose

And we made a vow to stick together.

Mr and Mrs

Walking out of the church as man & wife

In the past five years, we've gained weight together (Oh Cuba!):

Oh Cuba!

We've floated on the Seine together:

Tony and Sarah on a riverboat in Paris

We decided that I should gain 44 lbs over 9 months or so:

pregnant sarah

To produce this (5 days after the belly shot):

sacha 3 days old

And now, 16 months later, we have this:

Christmas 2007

And this in the works:

My little alien baby

And I couldn't be happier.

Happy Anniversary, T!


  1. Aww, what a sweet post! Congratulations!
    And I LOVE that picture of him in the baby bed! He's so alert looking!

  2. Congratulations!

    This is the best anniversary post I think I've ever read, very cute.

  3. A beautiful post. Happy Anniversary!!!

  4. Love that glow about you in your wedding picture. Cute post... congrats! We are hitting our 5th in September!

  5. It was a lovely wedding, hope you just keep on getting happier.

  6. Aw, so sweet. I already sent you an e-card, but I'll say happy anniversary again. And now, you must remove the source of your boob fertilizer. Help a small-chested mama out, please.

    Oh, and on another note, can you send me the code you used to get your pics side by side. I tried it on my last post and it didn't work. Boo.

  7. Reading your post made me glow with happiness. Congratulations to the first-married in our family.

  8. Excellent post, Mrs Mustard! Happy Anniversary!

  9. You look fabulous! So pretty! Happy anniversary! May you have many, many more wonderful years together.

  10. That was so sweet. Happy Aniversary!

  11. You two are perfect together. Awesome post. Love ya lots!

  12. This is possibly one of the most lovely posts I have read, followed by one of the funniest! Congratulations on 5 years and bump.

  13. Congrats you two. I cried reading this entry! I'm so happy for you :)

  14. Aaaaw! Wishing you both many more!

  15. claire's maman9 January 2008 at 11:46

    Joyeux Anni!! Love this entry it's like a "photo roman"!

  16. Happy Anniversary, the trip down memory lane was wonderful

  17. oh, i'm sorry i missed this. but you know the week i've had! ;-)

    Happy belated Anniversary. and may i just say, in case i haven't're GORGEOUS!


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