Monday, 14 January 2008

The circle of greener grass

When I was in school, I couldn't wait to be out of there and get into the workforce.  Studying was getting old, and I wanted to have a life.

Then I started teaching. That made me want to go back to school for all the freedom it allows - sleeping in when you don't want to go to class, setting your course schedule so that you are only taking one class (or none) on Fridays.  Ah, such is the life.  People in school don't realize how sweet it is to have such flexibility.

Then I became a SAHM.  That made me want to go back to teaching.  Ah, the sweet lunch breaks!  The 10 minute recess breaks! So much time to do things I wanted to do! What I would GIVE for a 10 minute recess right now.  I don't even get that when I have to *ahem* download.  Who cares if I've got kids sitting with me serving a detention!  I got to sit in a spinny chair and boss kids around surf the net chatter with students about their oh-so-interesting lives.

And now, I have come full circle.  I long for the studying, the intellectual feasts to satiate the mind and make me feel like a human, and not just a robotic toddler-bum-wiping machin, soon to be a moo-my again.

So, in my quest for brain candy, I have decided to go back to my roots and revisit my music theory and history studies through the RCM.  I can do it by self-instruction, and there are no time-constraints on finishing a particular course or subject by a certain date.  In all honesty, I have studied most of the content in the RCM theory syllabus in university and college, but now I can put it all together and work toward a goal that I have long held: becoming and Associate of the Royal Conservatory, with all the glory and fanciness of a nice title, ARCT, to go after my B.Ed.

Wait.  I think this means I should be studying right now.  Oh crap, I'm already procrastinating!  I guess that means I am heading into student-mode once again.  Just send me a keg and a rowdy pack of frat boys and I'll be back in business.


  1. ah, i've gone through that same circle! right now i'm just loving being home with my boys...but wanting....something. not going back to work, because i was never really happy there. we don't have the money for me to go back to school for something i'd be more interested in (i originally went to university/college for Computer Science. the only good thing to come out of that was meeting my hubby!).

    for now, i'm getting more into my creative side and trying to keep myself sane being home 293847329847238947 hours a day! ;-)

    i think this would be great for you!

  2. What are you trying to say? That bum wiping and child cuddling just aren't enough to fulfill your every desire? That's so very odd... (ha ha).

    This is why I actually don't mind working. I like having many different aspects of my life - parenting, working, blogging, reading, knitting, etc. - keeps it interesting.

    I'm so proud of you - that is awesome that you're working on your music again (sadly, I won't be able to contribute to your Grand Piano Fund, but I'm proud nonetheless).

  3. I'm so deathly afraid I'll use words like potty and wee wee when I go back to school.

  4. You mean there are people who got to sleep in while in college?


    See, going to work was better than school for me because when I got home, I didn't have homework to do. In school, I had to schedule all morning classes so I could work all afternoon to buy food, then come home and do homework.

    Whee. No, work was much more relaxing for me.

    But I've not come full circle, that's for sure.


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