Saturday, 19 January 2008

24 and a half week tummies

My mother duly noted last week that I have not been taking as many pregnancy belly shots with this pregnancy as I did with Sacha. I haven't really felt the need to take as many photos because a) I already know what I look like when I'm fat pregnant, b) my stomach was not really gaining any ground on my boobs, and c) Sacha impedes progress by standing in front of the camera and screaming at my belly in every shot. Oh, and d) I have take these pictures by propping up the camera on the counter and setting the timer while taking care of Sacha, which means that he gets pissed that I am not taking oh-so-necessary photos of him.

Since the husband was home today, I shoved the camera into his hands asked if he could take some tummy photos.

This is what I got:

24 weeks

24 weeks - the husband

24 weeks - the toddler

Somehow, these are not exactly what I had in mind...


  1. You look beautiful. And your son is adorable.

    Your husband, well, he rocks that pregnant glow.

  2. OK, that's just too funny! My second pregnancy was the same way. I was excited, but the newness was gone and the urge to document went by the wayside as well.

    I love the hubby's tummy shot, though. What is that... 30 weeks? :-)

  3. You 3 are so cute :) What a great idea to get the whole family involved!

  4. Those are adorable! And Redneck Mommy it right - Tony totally rocks the pregnant glow.

  5. You all look great.

  6. Loved the pictures!

  7. you are gorgeous! and Sasha...well, he's always adorable no matter what!

    as for your hubby....when is he due? ;-)


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