Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Stop saying that!

Sacha has learned some words in the past few weeks. He's been saying Mama for a while, now, but add to the mix the following (bearing in mind that he speaks French):

  1. Caca - poop. As in he may have pooped, he is pooping, has has pooped, we need to change his diaper, Mr. Dash pooped, Mr. Dash's litter box, Daddy.

  2. Dada - obvious, no?

  3. Papa - aka Dada

  4. Baba - aka Papa aka Dada. May also refer to play dough.

  5. Nanana - Pineapple (which, in French, is ananas). One of Sacha's favourite fruits.

Let's revisit #1 in a real-life context. I am 33 weeks along, and as everyone probably knows, I have wicked pregnancy gas. I wish I didn't, but I do. I try to let them slip out quietly, but the odour usually gives me away. Picture it: I'm shopping with Sacha in a grocery store when I let one sneak out, all secret-agent style. I don't say anything. I keep moving, going about my business. Sacha is too smart for me: he points at me and says "CACA!"

Obviously, I try to over it up by saying "Sacha a fait caca?" (Sacha went poop?), but he keeps wagging that little finger in my direction, laughing and spewing "CACA! CACA!"

Damn. I never thought I'd ever be that classy.


  1. Thank you for the giggle! I'm a mom of an 8mo old on the brink of saying something....anything! She just looks like she;s going to burst with words. have a great day!

  2. and here in the States no one would have a clue what he was saying... lucky you bilingual people! ;)

  3. heehee! My boys are finally at that age when they can give me away to daddy when he gets home telling him everything we did today or rather what mommy 'didn't' do that day. :)

  4. First you can't wait for them to talk then you can't get the to stiop (LOL)!

  5. Oh man, I can't stop singing the Telefrancais theme song now! (because you brought up ananas.... I apologize if you have no idea what I'm talking about and just sound like a crazy person ;-p )

  6. He's finally reached the point where he's selling you out. Welcome to the club - it can be a frightening ride. :)

  7. See, for me it was like this...

    Dada = daddy
    Dada = mommy

    Even though I carried them, gave birth to them, breastfed them and stayed home with them, I was still dada.


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