Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The mother of all crap birthdays

Things have gone from normal and mundane to crazy-psycho-hose-beast ridonkulous in the Mustard house, right around the time that I "celebrated" my 26th birthday. Let's start things off on Saturday, 2 days before the birthday:

  1. I did not feel the baby move at all on Saturday, which is unusual, even for this mellow fetus, so I headed into the hospital for a non-stress test that evening. Everything is fine. The baby must have been taking an extra-long nap.

  2. Good old daylight savings time kicked us in the arse on Sunday, and we are still struggling to get Sacha used to it. And me. I cannot seem to adapt to the evenings yet. Is there such a thing as "daylight lag"?

  3. I celebrated my birthday on Monday. Well, I didn't celebrate. Sacha woke me up from the sound of him gagging on phlegm and mucus. He was supposed to get his 18 month shots that day (killer birthday gift, I know you're jealous), but by the time we got to the doctor, he was even more sick, and they wouldn't give him the shots. They prescribed an antibiotic for his lungs and sent us home.

  4. That night, Sacha woke up at 9:00 pm with a fever (103 F), racing pulse (185 bpm) and rapid breathing. We brought him to the ER at 10:30 pm, where they did a chest x-ray and found that he has a touch of pneumonia in his lower left lung. He was prescribed a different antibiotic and we went home. Got home at 12:30 am, tried to sleep with him in our bed, but he woke up twice before 2:00. We shipped him to his crib, where he woke at 4:00 am from coughing and then woke again for the day at 7.

  5. He did not nap more than 30 minutes, despite having lost over 3 hours of sleep the night before. Day after my birthday sucketh just as much as birthday itself.

  6. We put our house on the market today, 2 days after my shitty birthday, as we are preparing to move across the country in July. Our first showing is tomorrow evening, right when Sacha should be heading to bed. That should be fun. Really. I mean that. If fun means sucketh a big goat testicle.

  7. Did I mention that Sacha hates his medicine? Wait, I don't mean that. I should say he mega-loathes his medicine, meaning Col. Mustard and I have to wrestle it into him. Much screaming and kicking involved. From all three of us.

The only plus side to this wonderful series of unfortunate events: the Col. made me a black forest cake. From scratch. It was brilliant, despite the fact that he wouldn't soak the cake in kirsch (like the recipe says) because of my knocked-up state. I mean, come on! 3 tbsp over an entire cake can't be that bad, right??

Ooh, black forest cake from scratch...


  1. All the pregnant chick at my work had my triffle. lol.
    And that's a 1/3 cup.
    They were like. Meh.

  2. Dude, let Sacha show the house. I'll bet he'd do a great job! And? When cats hate getting their medicine? You just wrap said cat up in a towel, and hold it down with your entire body. Maybe try that! :-)

    Yeah, my 1-year-old hates berry-flavored Motrin. HELLO? I don't get it...

  3. I'm sorry! :( What a crappy way to spend your birthday. At least you weren't sick... I'm not sure which is worse. And I dread the day when my son thinks his medicine is gross. So far he thinks it's candy.
    Hey, and when did I miss the memo? Why are you moving? I hope your housing market is better than ours.

  4. That does suck. But thank God The Colonel saved your innocent young fetus from the onslaught of FASD. He's my hero. (In case you can't tell, I'm being sarcastic). Hee hee. That cake looks like it kicked ass. Sure wish I could have had a piece.

  5. Oh how I remember the days with sick kids! Hope Sacha is feeling better now. What a gorgeous cake.

  6. I'm sorry, I wish there was a way I could go back and make your birthday not suck. That cake looks amazing, though!

    Hope Sacha feels better and you all get some sleep.

  7. OMG, I am so sorry things have been so crappy. I hope you all get rest and feel better. I am with you, how bad can 3 tbps of kirsch over the entire cake be.
    I can't believe you are also dealing with selling a house while preganant, with a sick toddler (my heart goes out to you!)
    Take Care!

  8. Well, I hope the kidlet feels better soon and that your year is a fabulous one. You deserve it after such a crappy bday.

  9. Awww, that really does suck for a birthday.

    I hope Sasha feels better soon!

  10. Well your year can only get better than if it started off so rough :)
    Hope everything smooths out nicely the rest of the week.

  11. Aw, I'm sorry your birthday sucketh goat testicles!


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