Friday, 7 March 2008

Replace-a-meal smoothies

Sacha's recipe for a great lunch:

  • Take once glass of chocolate milk. Add 3 spoonfulls of chicken noodle soup.

  • Mash grated cheese in between fingers. Drop into cup of milk.

  • Take one piece of pastrami. Roll it between your fingers. Take a bite. Spit it out. Plop into cup.

  • Eat a few grapes. Only not eat them. Just chew them to pieces and spit into cup.

  • Stir viciously until sloppy goo splatters all over the floor.

  • Dig meat out. Try feeding it to innocent bystander.

  • Drink the rest of smoothie.

  • Immediately spit smoothie out all over same innocent bystander and start coughing up gooey bits of noodle soup.


For more meal ideas like this, I believe Fear Factor may be in syndication.


  1. Little dude sounds like Julia Child on acid. Sweet! I think a cooking show is in order...

  2. Welcome to our Rrrrrrrerrrssssssipeeeeee of the day

  3. Sounds like a gastronomic delight. My grandson will probably grow up to be a food critic.

  4. Just add some Cheeze-Whiz and some mustard and you might be onto something...Mustard makes everything taste better.

  5. thanks for the recipe - i will pass it on to the bean when she starts creating her very own meals!

  6. You never know, you might have the next Iron Chef there, hehehehe!


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