Thursday, 6 March 2008

Awesome parenting 101

Col. Mustard and I take pills every morning. We each have a prescription medication, and we each take a multivitamin (mine is pink and heavy on the folic acid). Sacha sees us do this every morning, and wants to take pills just like us. He is often seen carrying around a bottle of Gaviscon or Oval and shaking it around the house.

This is the premise behind the following conversation:
Me: Where is the Tylenol? I have a wicked headache.

Col. Mustard: I don't know.

Me: Well, you had it last.

Col: No, Sacha had it. Ask him where it is.

Aw crap.  Thank GOD for childproof bottles.  Please don't take my child away from me.


  1. eep! My kids will ask for tylenol when they hurt themselves...I'm not sure how BAD that is yet. *eek*

  2. Naw. 'Cause my kids had hold of the Advil the other day. Those bottle make great maracas!

  3. I have used a child proof bottle of Tylenol as a maraca/toy to entertain Bubbie on many occasions. I got caught by the pedatrician once and now evertime I take him for a well visit she had me a poison control sticker (to place on the phone so I know the number).

  4. You mean it's wrong to let your kids play with drugs to amuse themselves?

    No wonder the authorities drug their heels in granting our adoption approval!

  5. What Cara said... C'mon, I can barely get those child-proof lids off, what hope does the baby have?

  6. I found the Tylenol. It was in the couch, under the cushions. Definitely the work of the little dude.

  7. And I recall the good ol days (circa 1993) when there wasn't such things as child-proof caps and Bolshevik really liked the taste of the 'bubblegum' flavored dropper style tylenol syrup. Getting your stomach pumped in emergency is not fun. Really.


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