Thursday, 8 February 2007

Turtles or bust!

My second project has now been completed: the turtle hat!
The hat knit up pretty easily, but those damn turtles were more than I bargained for.  They are crocheted and then sewn on.  I know how to crochet, so I read the pattern and thought they would be easy peasy to make.  HA!

The lady who wrote that pattern obviously didn’t know how to count.  If followed exactly, the turtle ends up with four legs and a head on the front half of its body, and then a nubbin of a tail way in the back, which ends up sort of looking like a poo nugget.

So, am I still in love with the jabbers and knotting?  ABSOLUTELY!  I am totally scamming on a Namaste (which I have been pronouncing oh-so-wrong) knitting bag in the hopes of scoring one for my birthday.  The messenger bag is fun, although I CANNOT decide which colour I like best.  Pink (rose) or Pink (cranberry) or Pink (mauve)?   And those needles? Ooh la la!  And the Knit Picks Options pack seems to be calling my name. Although the cable lengths are not small enough to make my sweet little Sacha caps, but I really like the idea of being able to make whatever size of circular needle I want (as the knitting store here in town has little variety in that department and Walmart?  Puh-lease!)

Anyway, I just realized that this is turning into more of a wishlist than a blog, so I’ll end this post with a little request for my readers: TAKE UP KNITTING! img_1275.png

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