Monday, 12 February 2007

Smallest adult toque ever

This was a learning experience: I learned how to purl, change colours, make stripes, do a ribbed stitch, do a mattress stitch, and knit a flat piece (as I am accustomed to knitting in the round).

So this isn’t my best work. The toque was supposed to be for my hubby (as seen here) but as you can clearly see, it scarcely covers his noggin. He said that he would wear it as a skull cap for whenever we go to synagogue. The only problem with that is that we are not Jewish. Oh well, at least he tried. The toque barely fits me, and as I am not one for toques of any kind, I think I will be passing this along to a neighbourhood kid or save it for when Sacha’s head grows into it. Which, based on the teeny nature of this knitting fiasco, shouldn’t be too long.

All in all, the hat as a toque may be a dud, but at least we have something to cover our heads when we pray


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