Sunday, 28 January 2007

I am a domestic goddess

My neighbour, Lynn, had offered to teach me how to knit. I honestly didn’t know if I’d find the time, or whether or not I’d like it. However, you can see the results in this cute hat I made for Sacha! Once I started, it took me 3 evenings worth of work and voilà! Cuteness to the extreme.

The result is a bit smaller than I was going for: the lady at Knitwit (the wool store) sold me the wrong size of needle (I asked for a US size 7, she gave me a 4.0 mm, which is actually a 6), and I was too dumb to know any better. On top of that, I bought the wrong type of wool for the pattern - both of these errors led to a hat that is more in the 0-6 month range as opposed to the 6-12 month size I was going for. Good thing Sacha has a little head! He can enjoy this hat for a little while.

Next up: a turtle hat for Sacha.

Interestingly, I learned from a friend that guys don’t knit - they Knot. And they don’t use needles, they use Jabbers. I think I may just take up knotting with jabbers. It sounds way more bad-ass.


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