Thursday, 2 September 2010


I need me some beets.  I read on some internet-wacko site that beet juice has been shown to reduce blood pressure, enough so that 250 mL of beet juice gave the same effect as prescription medication.  So last night, I ate a serving of pickled beets (right out of the jar, no plate required) and this morning TA-DA!  122/77!

Of course, last night it was still 142/104, so I assume the beets had not entered my system quite yet.

I am sure the effects of the purple plant are temporary, though, so I gotta raid my mom's pantry for all her pickled beets.  And make some of my own!


  1. Well, you might be sick of beets by the end of this pregnancy, but it sure beats (ha ha) having to take medicine when you're pregnant!
    And now's the time to make your own, there should still be some in the market at not too exorbitant prices! Let me know if you want a recipe, I have a good one!

  2. My scientific skepticism went on high alert at first mention of this phenomenon. However, quick research of the primary medical literature seems to support this notion. It has been known for some time that a diet high in vegetables helps keep blood pressure low. We weren't sure why for the longest time. A report published in the journal Hypertension in 2008 showed significant blood pressure declines in subjects who consumed 500mL of beet juice (yuk!). Further analysis confirmed that nitrate concentration is quite high in beets and other vegetables. In the body these are converted to nitric oxide, a potent vasodilator. And you all know what happens when you take your thumb off the end of the hose: the water pressure drops. So it is with blood pressure. Dilate the vessels, the pressure drops. Very interesting. Thanks go out to my wonderful wife for satiating my thirst for obscure medical knowledge.

  3. Despite what you may think, that beautiful women in the picture next to the comment above is not named Tony. That is the author of this site. Tony is her dorky husband, me, who inadvertently published a comment while logged in as her. And I'm doing it again.

  4. Sarah! I have inmy garden. U can take what there is.


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