Tuesday, 31 August 2010


My blood pressure is high.  Again.  It was high when I was pregnant with the twins. After the miscarriage, my blood pressure went back to normal within a couple of weeks (this was verified by my doctor). And now, at 15 weeks, it is back up there.

In the last week, I had a wicked headache, if you remember from my last post.  I had not really thought much about it until Tony asked if I had checked my blood pressure lately.  I had not, so I went in to his pharmacy and checked it at one of those machines.  It read 138/88.  Not hypertensive, by definition, but still higher than the 119/78 I had when I was not pregnant.  Since then, I have had 3 more headaches, and am now monitoring my blood pressure at home.  My doctor wants to see me in a couple of days regarding this, because obviously this is an issue with pregnancy and me.

Anyone wanting to send prayers and good karma my way is more than welcome to.


  1. Prayers, hugs, kisses x 50leven times, my Sarah.

  2. Thinking of you, Sarah. You're in my prayers. Sacha and Kees, to take it easy on Maman for a bit, eh? :)

  3. Prayers and good karma sent you way from us. Take care, I'm thinking about you all!

  4. Good luck Sarah; My thoughts are with you. Love Grandma H

  5. Now I'm really worried about you. Take it easy and let Sacha wait on you.


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