Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Where does supper come from?

Last night, Sacha asked me the typical 5:00 pm question: "Whatchyoo goin' make for us supper?"

"BBQ chicken, rice and caesar salad," I replied.

"I think we need have pizza," Sacha piped up.

"We don't have any ingredients to make pizza, kiddo," I said, thinking that would be the end of this conversation.

Until Sacha smirked:

"No, but Dominoes does!"


  1. This makes me think of Calvin and Hobbes.

  2. How old is Sacha - 12?

  3. I love it. Oh. btw. observe my gravatar. I am now (again) a blog owner.

  4. I can't click on your avatar. It leads me nowhere. What is your new blog?

  5. Ah ha ha ha ha! That sounds like something Cory will say in another few months or something. Too funny!


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