Thursday, 27 August 2009

A Caterpillar Cake

I mentioned that I was attempting to make the cake for Sacha's birthday alone.  I can make a tasty cake, but decorating a cake...not so much.

Sacha wanted a caterpillar cake.  Like the yellow and black fuzzy caterpillars that are common this time of year.  So this is what I made:


I baked the cakes in glass Pyrex bowls. The entire cake took 3 boxes of cake mix (I copped out there. I couldn't fathom making scratch cakes AND decorating them). I then made pudding whipped topping rather than icing, using 2 cups of whipping cream and 1 package of instant pudding. I then coated the cakes with yellow-dyed coconut flakes and shredded chocolate to make the cake look fuzzy. Then skittles for the eyes and mouth, pipe-cleaners for the antenna.


If I would have had more time, I would have decorated the cardboard base with green and brown, to make it look like grass. However, being pressed for time, since the whipped topping needs to be made the day of the party, I copped out there, too.

But the birthday boy didn't seem to notice.


Sacha and his friend Jakob thought it was fantastic.

And I feel a bit more domestic having bitten the bullet and done it myself.  Super-Sarah to the Rescue!


  1. too cute! Bonne fete Sacha!

  2. Damn, Sarah! That is one smokin birthday cake - and it looks delicious! Sorry I wasn't there to have a bit (or 10).

  3. refer to my previous comment - it should have said bite not bit

  4. And it was a delicious cake. Oh my.

  5. That is awesome! I never knew you could make cakes in pyrex bowls until a friend made one for my son's birthday (we were traveling). It made a really cool mountain!

  6. I have clips of 'Super Sacha to the rescue' going through my head now..

  7. I'm totally hungry now... and is Jakob THE Jakob? ;)

    Love the new header picture, btw... your boys are such cuties :)

  8. As in Jacob the Testicle? Yup. This is the same Jacob. Although apparently there have been some miscommunications about his name spelling. Someone told me his name was spelled with a K, but his mom told me that it was, in fact, a c.


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