Saturday, 22 August 2009

My blog is dead. Now I can live again.

I recently received an e-mail from a blogger asking me if I was alright, as I have been notably absent from the blogosphere for, oh, 3 months.  I then realized that I have not been getting comments anymore, particularly on a post on UE that I posted about 2 years ago and has received in the thousands of hits, and the comments were creeping into the hundreds when I finally disabled comments.  And I didn't care in the slightest.

This single post boosted my traffic immensely, but it also frustrated me to no end because everyone suddenly felt like I was the expert on getting out of UE contracts, which I am not.  It was also the brunt of harsh e-mails from people who stumbled on it and felt like I had slandered the company.  Now I that I am free of UE, I don't want to speak of it ever again.  That is why I am not even linking back to that post in this one.

The other reason I have been away is that I have been busy living my real life, which is an exhausting/exhilerating life raising 2 boys under the age of 3.  Sacha will be 3 next week and I am attempting, for the first time to make a decorative cake.  I usually ask my aunt, who is a professional decorator, to do the cakes.  This time, however, I am trying to be the superhero myself.  We shall see.  I have also been knitting up a storm, knotting my needles into a sweater for Sacha, featuring a hydraulic digger on the front.  Knitting maniacally trying to finish it in time for his birthday (I finished it on Wednesday night).

Then, on top of that, I just couldn't be bothered to be online anymore, other than Googling myself (I'm a narcicist like that) and cyber-stalking Jon and Kate and their ridiculously public, and most-likely, child therapy-inducing divorce.

But this e-mail to check in on me shed some new light on my internet existence.  Now that no one is really paying attention anymore, I am really free to write.  Those who honestly loved my blog for its own quirky state of being will still read it.  No matter what I write.  Whenever I want.

So this is now the beginning of my new cyber-life.  Mrs. Mustard has left the building.  Now it's just Sarah.


  1. I missed you here. Love the new pic.

  2. well, not knowing you back with the whole "scandal" thing, I don't know differently... but I'm glad you're back! Good luck with the cake! :)

  3. For whatever it's worth, you have immunity in my Google Reader forever. You aren't getting voted off THIS island.

  4. Ack! So! I just discovered TODAY that you are writing again! EEE! I'm like a month behind sheesh. I thought I was suscribed to your blog via email, but apparently... ohhh... that must be my other email... hah. Anyways. I'm a little late on the draw, but I'm so glad I get to read about your quirky life again!


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